Advanced Diploma in English Language Teaching (ADELT) (IOLPS Certified)

Advanced Diploma in English Language Teaching

This Advanced Diploma in English Language Teaching – (ADELT) Course is conducted by the Institute of Official Languages and Professional Studies (IOLPS) to produce a generation of competent teachers who can be employed as teachers/lecturers. The main objective of this is to contribute fully qualified and well-experienced English language teachers to the country. Students pursuing this Advanced Diploma course should engage in theoretical lectures and exercises for 24 months and also actively engage in practical exercises and assignments for 12 months. The Students will learn to teach the English language utilizing their own skills and self-creation in order to motivate the students to learn the language. The course fully covers the syllabus of NVQ Level 5 and it reaches the Level six standards. The Advanced Diploma holders who complete this course will be qualified to complete the Bachelor of Education- B.Ed. degree at the University of Vocational Technology and also could apply for some module exemptions. Also those who complete the ADELT could be accommodated at the IOLPS as Instructors or could seek opportunities in the Government / private sector.

Duration: 3 Years - 2 Years Theory, 1 Year On Job Training

Course Fee: Rs.350,000
Bank Loan Available

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